Energy Charter Treaty

rabatOur Energy Charter Treaty team is led by Professor Adnan Amkhan Bayno, an international law and energy law specialist, with more than 20 years of experience, covering all aspects of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).

Mena Chambers’ ECT team offers advice to governments, international organisations, multinational corporations and other public and private entities on all aspects of the Energy Charter process and the ECT, including:

  • Investment disputes arising under the ECT
  • Expert reports, legal opinions, and broad analysis of any aspect of the ECT
  • Assessment of energy investment projects from the perspective of the ECT
  • Trade, transit and transport regimes
  • Cross-border energy transportation agreements
  • Compliance and accession procedures
  • Energy Charter Treaty arbitration.

In order to form a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by our clients and the context within which those challenges arise, our team includes specialised energy analysts and policy experts.

“Counsel for Claimant have done an able job setting forth the legal standards that they contend are applicable in determining whether a breach of obligations has occurred in violation of the investor protections set out in Part III of the ECT. They have submitted ten volumes of prior arbitral decisions, scholarly articles, and other legal materials bearing on the interpretation of the provisions of the ECT and similar provisions of other investment protection treaties. And they have made clear written and oral presentations on the Treaty and applicable international law.

Paragraph 110
Partial Award on Jurisdiction and Liability
Al-Bahloul v Tajikistan
SCC Arbitration No. V (064/2008)