ECT Ratification


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PA : Provisional Application according to Article 45 ECT.

* : Documents not available.

(1) : Afghanistan was approved for accession by the Energy Charter Conference on 07 December 2007.

(2) : Italy notified the Depository of its withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) on 31 December 2014. According to Article 47(2) ECT, Italy’s withdrawal took effect on the 01 January 2016.

(3) : Montenegro was approved for accession by the Energy Charter Conference on 06 December 2013.

(4) : On 20 August 2009 the Russian Federation officially informed the Depository that it did not intend to become a Contracting Party to the Energy Charter Treaty and the Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects (PEEREA). According to Article 45(3)(a) ECT, such notification results in Russia’s termination of the ECT’s provisional application as of 19 October 2009.

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